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About Our Company

Divine World Botanicals is a Seattle based Responsible Retailer carrying select exotic botanicals and gifts. When it comes to our botanical selection, we ONLY carry products that have been tested and analyzed for alkaloid content and contaminants to make sure that you are purchasing quality products that are clean. We believe very strongly in the botanicals on our list, and expect that you do too. We want you to feel as confident in our products as we do.

Customer service is our signature. We actually started our company because customer service seems to be non-existent in this industry. We view our customers as clients, and want to develop a relationship based on open communication and mutual respect

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime via e-mail or phone:

info (at) divineworldbotanicals.com

(206) 488-7828
If you get voice mail when calling,please leave a message and we will call you back

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Our mascot is Oliver.

He is a Jack Russel/Pomeranian mix.

He weighs 10 lbs. When Oliver sees a squirrel his ears pop straight up and a he gets a center line strip of fur that puffs up along his back like a faux hawk.

Thus, we have invented a new breed for him called the “Cascade Mountain Ridgeback.”

You can’t clone him.  🙂

Kratom Ban Update

DEA Public Comment Period closed on December 1st with over 20,000 comments 🙂

Pease go to www.save-kratom.com and complete all of the action requests, and also become a member of The American Kratom Association..”

Please Support the American Kratom Association & join us in the fight to keep kratom legal in the USA

We are stocked up on M. Speciosa Kratom!!

Check here for the varieties we have available

Welcome to your trusted source for fairly traded unadulterated Speciosa. Feel safer when you buy online.  

We are your best source for all your crafting and novelty needs. Pure botanicals,

Fairly traded gifts and meditation accessories

Please check out our Kava Selection from Vanuatu and buy kava online with us at Divine World Botanicals.

We thank all our Local customers in Seattle, Washington State, Alaska, and on the West Coast for supporting our store as we continue to grow our service all over the United States.  Same day shipping Monday through Friday for orders placed before 1:30pm PST

All botanicals sold are for crafting purposes  

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